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Only You (Fixed) Only You (Fixed)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A stylish return

Har... hello again guys, I remember giving the last version of this song a so-so review.
And I must say I really admire your willingness to go back and fix things. And you seem to have made some progress. The pros now officially outweight the cons.
Pros. Great female vocalist.
Very nice piano and and timpani playing.
An original take on and old song.
Cons. Make vocalist.
Basic recording quality, but then, I have yet to work out how to fix that, so I can hardly mark you down for that. At least your songs come out at full volume!
A stylist return!

Fayt-Leonhart responds:

Thanks for reviewing both verions of the song, a true sign of dedication. I happen to be the male vocalist, and I have to agree, I'm not a big fan of my vocals on this song. The oniginal song is in a different key, and it was difficult to sing to it when the notes are slightly different from the original. And I don't blame you for not wanting to listen to it in front of your friends, I understand 100%. Thanks again for the reviews!

Anyone can play fast, Anyone can play fast,

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My toes are twitching and I am tapping along with my ruler (straightedge), so that is a good sign. Are you playing this guitar through three-million pedals or is this synth stuff. Very cool either way. Reminds me of Paul Oakenfold or something like that.
Very nice. I particularly like the delay you put on the guitar.

the-postal-dude responds:

Heheh. thanks. No, this is all synth stuff. It's nice to have positive feedback.

Finton Steinpen Finton Steinpen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Gender bending (genre bending)

What a wonderfully professional array of sounds you own Mr. SonicMouser.
I can see why you chose to file this song under the Ambient genre, but it is clearly a collection of many more styles of music. In one way it reminds me of the soft-jazz that one hear's playing in dental surgeries and chiropractor's offices. On the other hand you have a very new-age/world music type of string arrangement. And who could ignore the hip-hop drums. I am very impressed at your musical gender-bending.
Keep it up, as they say.

SonicMouser responds:

Well, thank you very much Iglet. It feels good to get a great review every now and then :)

I have been trying to experiment with this type of sound for a bit now and have a couple more pieces in the works as we speak.

Again, thank you very much... it means alot.

Dark Side of Shadows Dark Side of Shadows

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I disagree with the earlier reviewer, I think you have used reverb effectively, but you don't want to go over the top. We might appreciate the quality of your notes if there was slightly less echo.
My roomate just said this is 'phenomenal' so that is a good sign. Certainly the high-pitched melody is very nic. At the beginning things sound a little out of tune in the lower notes. This is definately a song that improves as it goes along.
Are you recording through a microphone, not doing that might improve the overall sound quality. But the composition itself is pretty damn good.

quebecman responds:

Actually I use a midi keyboard with a piano vst plugin using fruityloops (That means it's not a real piano) I'll check out about the reverb and stuff

Space is the Place Space is the Place

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Intrigued, I'm sure.

Well, this is a little strange.
Not exactly a song, or perhaps even music, but it is defintely the coincidental playing of tuned instruments, which is good enough to me.
I have never heard guitar and electronic effects mixed in such a manner. The two seem to not go together so much that they go together. It is very abstract.
I love the way it just fades into the netherworld at the close.
I am intrigued.

Ur4F4G responds:

Thanks for the review your insight is very helpfull!

Kill Joy Kill Joy

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I can't imagine what absynth is, but it has a wonderful name, and it can make some pretty cool sounds!
Oh yes indeed it can make some wonderful sounds.
Or maybe that is just you, perhaps I could only make horrible sounds.
I really like your drums, firstly, because they sound so real and make a wonderful break from the rock drums that are so very common, my own drums included.
You build up very nicely, your sort of guitar effect sounds a little off, but all in all wonderful, what a start.

Baked Potatoe Baked Potatoe

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No study, yes dance.

I thought this song was really orginal and creative, I very much like your use of original tones rather than the usual MIDI voices, and whatever your sample was I couldn't tell which voice it was so you must have integrated it pretty well.
It certainly isn't Ambient music. Trance or Dance would have worked better. Ambient music is designed to fit into the background of one's life, which this song definately wouldn't. If I played this during my life I would be dancing rather than getting my studying done, which is what I am doing right now, Cheers!

ManateeGod responds:

Lol, I mark almost all my music as ambiant when I don't know what to classify it as. But yeah, Techno would have made much more sense.

Thnx for the review. Btw, do you do your own vocals for your pieces? I was thinking of getting a mic, but wasn't sure what kind or how much to spend :P

Snow, Love and Sludge Snow, Love and Sludge

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It was worth a try!

Hooray for random noises at the beginning of a song!
So this is just a couple of guitars singing along to each other.
I think the reverse guitar is a really good idea, but you have to be careful how you use it because it can make parts of your song sound very out of tune. I greatly respect you not overusing the effect.
On the whole this is a nice, but very simple track, I've got to respect your embracement of so many genres, perhaps you should spend some more time conquering indie land.

Shael-Riley responds:

Hmm... Well, I wasn't gonna but since you suggested it, OK!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


The guitar playing on this song was lovely, but there were two easy-to-fix problems that stopped me from really enjoying it.
1. The volume levels seemed way out of proportion at times, particularly the piano. I think that your five parts need to sound more in proportion with one another.
2. Perhaps it was just the lack of percussion, but some of the guitar seemed a little out of tempo, like you were strumming just a little after the downbeat each time.
For a man of your talents these problems should be simple to correct. Keep it up!

Tancrisism responds:

Thanks, fellow.

Stellar Heaven Stellar Heaven

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One by one the spritely little rabbits emerged from their holes, put on their summer hats, had a cup of tea, and danced because it was spring and they were allowed, at last, to mate.
And how wonderful that mating was, in the farmer's meadow by the lake and the butterfly nest. They were bonking until the cows came how, and then when the cows came home they bonked on top of the cows. The cows found this rather ticklish, and so to shake off the horny rabbits they did a jig themselves on the floor of their barn.
The rabbits bonked until morning when the graceful song of the thrushes and various other birds told them it was time to take a siesta, for this year was to be a long spring, and there was much multiplying to do. So happily they skipped back off to their holes, eyeing each other up and planning who they would have the next day.

That is what your song made me think of. Make what you will of it.

Klepto-Bysmal responds:

Wow, that's... interesting. I must say, I've never quite seen a review like that before. Well, thanks for giving it a listen!